Description of me and my family:



Hi. My name is Victoria. I’m fourteen years old. I live in Poland in Gdynia. This town is beautiful. I have got a cat. Her name is Matylda. She’s a part of the family and she’s sixteen years old.

I’m friendly, but very shy. People say I’m a little stubborn and I agree with this statement to some extent, but this is mainly due to the fact that I’m a girl. All in all I think that my personality greatly matches my appearance. I’m tall and slim. My personality is a bit intriguing.


My family isn’t big because I’m an only child. I’ve got two grandmothers, two grandfathers ,and a lot of aunts,uncles and cousins. I don’t see them very often. This is my grandmother and aunt ( in the picture above).

They have a great sense of humor.We always have a great time together. My family is great.





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