My name is Victoria, my nickname is Vichi. I’m almost fourteen years old right now. My birthday is on the thirteenth of April. I haven’t got any brothers and sisters, but I have got a calico cat and her name is Minu. I live in Poland, in Gdynia, but I used to live in Italy a year and half ago.

I study in a junior secondary school in Gdynia. I’ve met lots of interesting people there, but my best friend is Paulina. At the beginning of the school year we didn’t talk much to each other, but when we sat in the same desk, we became friends. My favourite subject at school is English. I like playing the piano and listening to music, but my favourite hobby is swimming, because it is challenging. My father’s name is Augusto, he is a Sardinian man, he is forty-eight years old. My father is a mechanic, he repairs boats engines. His hobby is fishing and swimming and he loves telling me jokes and making me laugh. My mother’s name is Marlena. My mom is a nurse and works in a hospital. Her hobby is cooking and she always prepares nice delicious food. She likes listening to music and reading the latest novels.

I’ve got four cousins, two aunts and two uncles in Italy. They live in the most beautiful island in Italy – Sardinia. My aunt’s name is Marina, she is fifty-eight years old. She’s been married for thirty-two years with my Godfather Marco. They have got three beautiful daughters. Their first daughter’s name is Eleonora, she is already married and she works in a shopping centre. The second daughter is Beatrice, she has graduated in journalism. The last daughter is Caterina, she studies in a high school. Her hobby is learning languages. She also loves drawing and painting.

My second aunt is Daniela. She lives in Rome with my cousin Elena. Elena is ten years old. She studies acting and classical ballet. She’s an actress and appears in Italian films.






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